Unimaginable? Not really. Most of todays largest problems are revolving around some type of cover up. From a group of friends who practice their story for the police to high level government members of communist and diplomatic nations releasing deadly viruses. It’s all there. You just don’t hear about it as much as other things.. since you know. They are generally attempting to keep the situation quiet by any means. Attempting and usually successful in convincing others around them that their story is true while the larger voice screams “no, their lying”!

Directly from the Trump boys themselves. This short film goes over those who were closest to ground zero in China when the outbreak occurred. I’m not sayin that I know what really happened. I never will. Neither will anyone. People will hear whispers on the wind as it blows past their ears but nothing more. Attempts will be made to incriminate the guilty while they simply hold their ground on their side and story. Then they will slowly (sometimes quickly) dictate the situation into a dying camp fire. Where no one cares to argue or prove them wrong and their are either not enough legal means to hold them or so many, no one will mess with them for realist fears of being attacked by other individuals who aspire to kill government officials and officers. Insane? Yes. Wrong? Of course? Winnable? Debatable? Investigate-able? Not really.

What I meant to say is, it’s all fake. It was only a random event. China was not involved. I love Asians. I’m not racist. I follow daily social rules set by good boys. Everyone is peaceful. All people are innocent! No one would ever hurt anyone else or try to take their land! Watch the video and do more research before you post these wild theories about china, a virus, and who did or did not start it.

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