Approaching the possible idea of a David’s Designs website. For designing anything, anyway, anytime, especially any possibility. Starting with small projects from landscaping or simple clothing. Then into sizeable projects like patios and hardscapes. Full websites and private game server coding. End the end the ideal result would be to become more educated with design as a whole and produce professional architectures. Clothing, Physical land, Digital land, mass retail… the possibilities are endless when it comes to taking control of projects and adding your unlimited input. What’s senseless to one person may make complete sense to the next. You could created something you find so horrible, so foul and retched but then turn around to the random stranger on the subway and ask their opinion to only hear them respond with attraction and enjoyment.

Designing literally anything I find to be one of the most enjoyable things of existence. Creating something that is displayable to someone like an advertisement, product or anything greater than an idea generally is so fascinating and enjoyable to me I would be ok with a few million years of it. A few million years… wouldn’t that be nice. To think we wont even hit a few million hours in our lifetimes. The light of the universe is sure to provide something after this. How else would we even be here? The count-down begins and is shorter than you thought. Time till expiration crawls ever closer daily. How do we deal with this? Party? Sex? Drugs? Rock n Roll? Internet memes? All of the above.

My grandfather was an Architect that designed and built churches for the Catholics as a member of The Knights of Columbus. He served in World War II and was a great man. An officer of some rank, I am not sure which, he took life very seriously and at the first sign of illness and death, decided to take is own life by not completing medical procedures that would of otherwise kept him alive. He passed away on July 4 1999, Independence Day and from my view today that looks to fall in line with the rest of his accomplishments and legendary living ideals and marks on the world around.

Design and Development are going to be my two main focus categories for the next few years. I am currently working on a MMORPG game server often however this is a gigantic and overwhelming task to take on alone. With calculated plans to finish in about 10 years of working at least 40 hours a week. 51 Days vacation time per year. This certainly would keep me busy and objectified with a task that in the end, I know will change so many times into more deeper developments and learning processes that college doesn’t seem like a bad idea. A quick degree and a seat at a desk filling in database tables all day isn’t that bad. Nonetheless there has to be something more in my life. I strive constantly for tasks that are more involved in their design and structure around small details and millions of small things equally one big thing. Rather than one large million pound weighted thing. Most people wouldn’t care to deal with the small factors or want to pawn off busy work to someone else. For myself, it’s constantly needing to micro-manage a task of importance that can get in the way of those around me. Being a leader of the overall design, concept and work structure is a responsibility, honor, complex and positive task to take on for anyone person alone. Having credible input is an important part of leadership and one should never expect to be in complete control of any project that requires a team.. To confirm that the goal is successful in a timely manor, I always enjoyed having the power to delay or extend the project time to allow for perfections and beautiful changes along the way.

David’s Designs will start with a focus around the topics I know and branch out into unfamiliar territory in a few years.