Don’t worry folks! Just as you thought, the highly intellegent Sohpia has made her artistic debut with one of her first paintings selling for over $750,000. Wish I had that type of money to blow. I juggled the thought of out-bidding them and going in big at 1mil. But lord knows I don’t have money fo’ that. Seems like the only person today who has to struggle more than others is the type of person who enjoy being outside the majority of the day. Hopefully Ill make it to shelter quickly or atleast out of range for now.

Sophia happens to be my nieces name as well as the smartest computers name in the 21st century. Any blizzlike server you have been on is just fine and good. A few beers and I’m already queer’ing out. Ready for bed.

Tomorrow Ill put together things that make more sense. Right now I have about 1% mental capacity left for myself. Each unidentified armor is valuable. It’s rarely dictates.

I’d call my pat the last 3 months of actions that lead to 13357 stressful. Most of the guards will get jail time and no meth or any other drugs.

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