The internet was the greatest phenomenon of humans to date. It has connected us in a way once only known by magic. Our voices, faces and now actions are able to be transmited anywhere a connection can be established. Greater and greater connection speeds to the point of amazing access stability and data rates have then jetlined humanity to a bright new world.

With communication being faster and faster, security getting stronger. The only next step is education. Which has blasted off recently with online schooling. Although students have not had promising results I have great hope for the future of LightSpeed Learning across the globe.

With access so easy to almost any physical information you would need plus a vastly increasing fictional video game universe the world today is heading for a bright bright future of free education.

Online education is something new to us and our first attempts may not have been up to standard of what year something in years to come may achieve.

The university and college route of life is far expensive. With school charging students anywhere from 3,000 to 40,000+ on average. A 4 year degree that is required at most jobs is slowly fading out of the picture. Online schooling and cheaper and cheaper prices to teachers is helping to push the planet forward by improving the averages intelligence.

This week I ran into’s Learning program. Which provides cheap access to online classes for basic computer programming. At only $30 per month or a dollar a day I can finally start learning python, C++ or any other common program for next to nothing. Anyone in the world can learn computer skills. Linkedin is also a social media outlet for seeking professional careers and other jobs.

Website for cheap high level learning:

Such a great step in human evolution. To provide easy access to library and entertainment information along with complex mathematical solutions and designs. The future sure is bright for everybody with the self-determination to learn at home on their free time. Our world will be shaped into something more out of a star wars movie or star trek. With personal data stats and business information at our figure tips.

Perhaps soon light will be more alive than ever. Quantum computing is right around the corner as the new face of computing and will redesign the infrastructure of the way computers think and work. Again providing another improvement to our world.

The cable network that runs through the ocean is an amazing feature of strength and knowledge for our race. Greater function, importance and ascension than the great pyramids or chinese great wall. It is perhaps a new world great wonder. Millions of tiny fibers wrapped together in a most likely over 100,000 miles of tubing is something that would puzzle anyone would did not know its function. If they were even able to see it. And let’s be real. Be glad it stays there or shred apart from things in the ocean.

One of the only problems left is getting access to everyone with open access to anything. While censorship is of course expected for crimes of criminals. Elon Musks new starlink internet system is proving to be something worth its wild. The additional layers of data will help the remainder of the population without access to achieve new heights.

Starlink website:

The internet provides an outlet for many forms of expression and art that can help keep us busy in a world where machines and robotics are soon to take over many, many jobs. The lowering price of professional software and open-source tools for many organizations will allow others to learn and then be able to create ideas and software that can either entertain, teach or defend us.

Computers are an amazing thing. They have transformed the power of writing on our environment into a spectrum of visual pure light functioning mathematical electrical powerhouse. Basically a 300 horse power brain. Some super computers are 50,000 horsepower brains.

Light-speed engines are something never once thought possible. And from my view they are some form of alive. Being able to do the things a computer can do qualifies as an intellectual entity. Not to stay that our bond to them is not sentient. They are something that were in only my wildest dreams as a very young boy. Never did I think they would be in existence, or the palm of my hand.

-David Lee Moyer Jr
March 28 2021

3D Map of the global internet lines.