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–Website under construction–

Enjoyable, Entertainment, Educational, Earthy, Electrifying,
E-News Articles & Newspapers

Enjoyable, Entertainment, Education, Earthy, Electrifying, ENews Articles & Newspapers.

There are several project designs I have been motivated to start working on. From a game to even some software solutions, I am in need of experienced or fresh-out-of-school programmers willing to work for cheap or free until the project turns profitable. If your willing to volunteer some time in hopes of large payments in the future please email: David.L.Moyer25@gmail.com
Most of the things I would need to be coded for the business are likely already in open-source code platforms freely available. They can be pieced together like a puzzle. Eventually, I will start a list of work for anyone who is willing to complete it or a specific task on it for a set dollar price.

–Website under construction–

A Simple Title VS A Complex Title

Writing is something that can’t be done enough. If you ever are stuck in a boring moment. Simply pick up your phone and start typing about what your thinking. You may eventually end up realizing that the brain in your head is alive!

The most important part of any statement is the title. A simple yet highly meaningful title will stand your content out above the rest of the crowd and attract the largest audience possible. They are the first words read by anyone who passes by and if those words don’t strike interest, your content won’t be viewed. Be sure to always have an impressive title and expression within those words, your article should grab their attention if they value those subjects spoken.

Topics available include things like:
-Realistic/Critical Thinking
-Scientific Research
-Global Important Information & News
-Video Games
-Love, Money, Power & Drugs
-Life Stories, True Pain and Love
-Groundbreaking Things
-YouTube reviews & promotions

Stay tuned!

Website under-construction

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