The project involves programming a functional AI or automatic system that is able to teach 3D modeling through several commercial based programs. Using different speaking methods, and examples the AI should be able to obtain enough information so that you will actually learn. Not just listen to meaningless words sound funny when the lion talks.

-Discord Information:
ImFrom.Earth is a new global source defining humanity as together and with many friendships.
Although that may not always be true, at least most days, for the most part.
We all know it really is true.
Thank-you ancient Gods of the World of Earth!

The project should be a created AI-software that is able to teach the average human how to render 3D models with a basic computer and also create 3D environments in AR/VR software while pushing the limits of interaction with other humans in a MMORPG-style world. Galaxy.Space will equal more dimensional space to almost all existence in the Milky-way galaxy and our local 7 cluster galaxies. Enough space for everyone on Earth, at 10 billion people, to own and work with hundreds of digital planets and elements of the periodic table. Active market within a market which uses Alixium [AXM] bytes or bites. (bitcoin) to trade property, planets, plans, builds, ideas, money, anything you can image…

The educational bit of our project includes everything from how-to-start a PC, to writing in complex algorithms, and rebuild from the ground up with fresh hardware. The idea is to be able to create a world within a world, from a solar system that rests within a galaxy, Surrounded by 7 more equal-sized galaxies in our local quadrant and “space”. All full AI-randomization generation methods of code and worlds will be layered on top of basic gravity from a system within more systems.. The project will be a virtual 3D encyclopedia with all-access, all-across the globe in any nation. A Pedia is the best way to describe it and another term would be. I live in a virtual game with personal Wikipedia to recreate the old world within the new digital one.

A Global Public School System – Is Earth ready?¿ Yes! Or will we wait a few more years?¿.
You will be able to view the classroom from where you stand or wherever you plan to move. There in real-time. Then there is digital-time. You will be able to walk around on Earth and learn a specific topic at the same time. Utilizing both real-time and digital-time.

The user has full access to editing the design, theme, shape, color… basically any and all data included in a 3D model element.. As a basic in-game player or we should say person-user. The software itself will feel like a game which is why it will claim the name of world’s first real Educational-Enjoyable-Video-Game. The game within the educational project, will be the main attraction for everyone. School is just the extra un-needed details and we developed a version that was designed to be free for everyone alive.

Including world-wide DNA-accurate ancestry data and access to some families past memories, videos, social media or even resurrected consciousness with an AI-studied and programmed personality. Don’t forget to program the consciousness. ^.^ Live locations of where you are, along with live scans on every face around you from your camera in your sunglasses imposes a line of communication not normally available to any peace-keepers.

You can show off your profile, education, profession and make some public custom statements. You can even setup as a walking billboard for your website and business. You will always be able to feel safe with auto-security adding a line of protection against ID theft and scanning your camera 12 times a second for vicious objects.

Education, the internet, and its reliability, is our reality. It’s modern LIGHT & PIXEL art by professionals that make me squeal. The ability to comprehend basic mathematical problems at high speeds while fatigued is certainly punishing. The Project, 3Ducation, is in great need of programmers, software engineers, database specialists, reliable advertisement-promoters, sales & service, design or development of any experience. Also teachers willing to contribute their personally created curriculum would improve the full system by at least 33% overall.

Anyone willing to learn on earth can make any type of freelance work within computers. You should hop on this development project, both of them. With a third project being our gamer bitcoin, Alixium [AXM]. As a programmer on your own time, as a donation, you will spend hours or days at a time programming in full lessons. I posted all data with the hopes of being approved to the higher-level educational advertisement channels in live-cities and towns across the globe, but the teacher was all over me.

Royalty societal members of Earth will be able to show their publicly endorsed plans in a much faster and direct contribution. Your day should normally have plenty of free-time, not-requiring a job or career to survive. Since you choose this route always be willing to contribute personal time and programming data to the software development stages for free community versions. The #1 contributor will most likely earn enough to buy a house. After 5-7 years of development and minimal pay, just getting by. If we can create all said processes before then.

If at any point ImFrom.Earth becomes able to hire employees we shall hire who we can for the price we can afford. Based off the outside source donation size. Payment is possible during the start-up and you can donate anytime of any day. Your hours will be tracked by yourself daily and added every week. Also included in the credits at the end of the project will be your picture and a biography. Along with the cited copies of work you were able to contribute to and complete.

Interested in building this idea from the ground-up?¿
Contact me at: 

Seeking funding from any source or CEO willing to contribute to Global Education standards, at an improving global pace. You will gain new access to advertisements in a channel designed for discussions about Project 3Ducation itself. YouTube will host videos that are needed for anything and always free to everyone. YouTube will eventually host a set of videos of interviews of all creators, designers, in-depth planners, along with college-level classes. Harvard level learning is directly after the normal, 2, 4, 8 college levels so your doctorate degree is not far away. There will be classes that specifically teach computer skills and no other subjects, while the main program will teach through means of animated 3D models and interactive programs.

All websites, data, contributions and basic construction are in-design. Please ignore my mistakes, Generally, someone can’t even find what their looking for during exciting moments though. They will be fixed. One way or the other. If you find grammatical errors, send the quoted message to Tanks#4837, and be sure to include which Article it was.


Below you will find ImFrom.Earth’s new Discord channel information. The leading service in voice, visual, and live personal video communication. I insist joining our realm to see some of the Earth’s most attractive and personable ideas, advertisements, people and YouTube videos are as good as I’m telling you..

We support individuals or businesses that strive to push beyond the current maximum potential of humanity. Greatly increasing and impacting our societies information and data from research. Technologies and scientific data involved will be updated and perfected to a current unknown ideology. The social atmosphere for you and me is still very new and will be advertised in the near future to thousands of possibly active people. The real goal is to create 50 article,, along with other fun things like crosswords. Then once ready I will create my words out of nothing. Like right now. “bleeeeeeeeep”

Inside the Discord there are some advertisement channels you can advertise your host server, website tools or game server 24/7.. There is a voice channel for each continent and the ocean. There is a work-up of text channels for all different subjects, educational, or not. Experience-based values, which you will learn over a few years of working on ImFrom.Earth.

You are invaluable so bring your best ideas to the table for active review. Large countries with active population on our Discord will receive voice and text chat channels for their people. Since this is a global chat, several may be needed. Anyone who advertises their small-business or gamer-guild/website on my server will be reviewed when possible for legitimacy. 95% of advertisements are free and I am new to the business. Completely destroying it overnight giving the best things away for free. Flawless victory I say. Most people charge for these services, I will be spending money on advertisements and filling the voice server with potential readers or consumers.. I will have 1 donation channel and the rest will be free with a set automatic delay between each post. Simple, yet elegant. Donations will have a minimum of $5.00 and the cap will be 20$ via PayPal or any related service.. The 5$ and 20$ channels will stay separate and move at different speeds real-time speeds.

-Written By King David Lee the II of Bethlehem on this day 3rd of April, 2021

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