Start-Ups: Atomic Life: Youtube and BitCoin

A brand-new startup Hedge-fund promoted by a new YouTube channel:
Atomic Life.
Never heard of a hedge-fund? Never mess with crypto before? Learn about crypto currency and listen to the best theories about governments across the globe with Anthony from Atomic Life on YouTube. A start-up business seeking millions. I like building this stuff and who isn’t up for millions of dollars laid into their lap to double or triple? Markets, global money data, Investing recommendations, and random thoughts about such topics… The most daring and more sustained businessmen could invest in Atomic Life with a hidden strategy to making money on the crypto market to get ahead of their competitors. While Anthony is shooting for millions, I’m always more of one to be realistic and start simple and small with anything. I love projects, I love building, I love learning and most of all, I love big numbers. Watching them rise from smaller numbers must be my autism showing. Money makes the world go around, and most of all it creates peace in a peoples economy. When there is enough out there for everyone to pick up. I do not work with Anthony nor know him personally, we just decided to support each other on a quick note. Watch his quick video:

Is it safe? I have no idea. If this guy decided to put his face on the screen and speak his knowledge, perhaps a few dollars might make some cash. Then again, almost anything on the crypto market goes up. While educated information will of course sustain higher profits than random investments, Anthony watches the market for you and moves the relative cash to a cash making coin. While I support his effort, also I extremely enjoy building great things, I do not know this man personally or have any business relationship beyond supporting each other with shout-outs. In reality I would need to hear him talk about some more things before I ever give money away. Who knows though? Things have a tendency to grow around me since I put forth large amounts of effort. Easily attracting the biggest bugs and big business needed to start any such project.

Riding or creating a hedge-fund is something that makes people rich, or richer. I know I’ll be looking into the Atomic Life YouTube channel as a tiny supporting entity. Cleary people must establish a point of trust with an audience before they ask for 500 dollars and promised future APY rates. Let alone possibly millions. However he reminds me of myself only with a more business mind-set. I generally will enjoy what I do and worry about the money less. While Anthony over here already capitalized on my interests starting a possible multi-million hedge-fund. Great job, good lead boss. He looks to be an aspiring young man and excited to be in the profession of life itself, setting-out with global large goals. Like myself. Which is why I like him. If I didn’t enjoy the few homemade things I saw, I would of declined the offer to support each other in the small way of shout-outs.

He’s not looking to corner one tiny part of the market, more like create another big bang blast. Such as the BitCoin itself, from what I gathered. Just like I would love to impact the global population by setting a positive example and supporting intellectual content for your average reader to build their minds with. A more respectable, friendlier, supporting, honest and caring person I may or may not be. He still is on the same path I have laid down for myself. A solo-start-up company, business or LLC, non-profit organization, fresh brand, yea whatever you want to call it. I honestly hope no one attempts to steal my name before I even have the cash to register it for myself.

There’s nothing better than supporting your child and watching them grow over years and years. I don’t mean just financial support. Emotional, physical, economical, spiritual and beyond. To evolve a human being quickly into a progressive lifestyle that builds empires must be done at a young age. What I was doing at age 10 or 11 I’m sure a 5 year old could do if taught properly. Showing your avid interest all the time and learning with someone is the only real way to full experience it and memorize it without effort. This next video is his first intro, I’m not a fan of the camera myself. Even though I have a season of personal travel documentaries for relative people who want to know what I’m like naturally. Atomic Life represents himself only for any form of cash payments or investments:

The thinkers get paid the most. Your not joking. I used to lift 20+ tons of stone per day solo and earn $12.00 an hour doing it. Basically slavery, perhaps high-class slavery to some. Investors are in the best position to make large chunks of cash quickly and efficiently, Spending as little energy as possible. I aspire to be like you guys one day. No one works less or makes more money… Count me in.

Investing is something I have done slowly over time with no success so far. Nor have I ever really established an official savings. I live pay check to pay check with minimal support in the form of extra cash. I never made it big on any lottery ticket, stock or bit coin. I had a small amount of fame briefly playing video games back in 2011 & 2012. Which has since faded but renowned its name. Someone even took the now “top secret” guild name I used and bought into some fresh stocks with it. Stealing it out from under my feet.. Guess they know potential when they see it. My plan is to make a coin in the long run with that name and eventually trademark a few things I like. I plan it to be a trading project with other nations on earth. Mostly for digital goods, data or art pixels. I wont get into more details now… but it will be supported… Maybe you can help with that Atomic Life? I do need an expert or avid journeyman ready to build, learn and invest properly. Not just rip off the random bloke that comes through. Earn your own keep they say is the way.

The future of investing and building a project into an empire. Every entrepreneur’s goal. Luckily I was naturally good at it the first time thousands of people noticed my name. I just wasn’t very knowledgeable on capitalization or markets. Some people even attempted to be me, using my attitude and name, and advertise for their own environments. Odd eh? I though we would all want to be ourselves these days.

Well Anthony, you have the time to watch the numbers all day, then raise sky high, a fully detailed analysis of your watched markets would most likely be needed by the investor. They will want proof of supporting information and outlets ready to build. Personally I don’t have a clue which hedge fund is doing what. All I know is they go up. Like most people. They don’t stop going up. Starting anything with plans for a big blast in the future is something I will always enjoy. Hopefully you attract some avid investors.

Don’t forget about Davey-boy here either Mr./Miss. investor. I could use a few bucks for some top-secret business plans.

Just like any other amateur, novice or in an apprenticeship. Atomic Life is full of energy and information he just ran into. He is very hopeful someone or something will support him and I’ll lead the way with a personally dictated article. Stating facts and my current knowledge only, While still keeping it real with you, the reader.

I’ll stay “down-to-earth” with the information I am provided and just let you watch his videos for the most part. Atomic Life is a great brand name. In reality, so is ImFrom.Earth, Perhaps that is what brought us together. Possible future employee’s, writers, investors, readers, politicians, leaders, or anyone who catches a slight drift will have the chance to gain from two valuable brands. Centralized global knowledge & information on ImFrom.Earth, Along with possible large returns and investments on Atomic Life’s Hedge-fund data. If you have a few pennies around think about dropping a few on the ground for us. Thanks a ton or two.

-Written by: David Lee Moyer Jr of Bethlehem, PA, USA, EARTH on this day of April 3rd, 2021
Not officially affiliated or partnered with Anthony of Atomic-Life in any way

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