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As an enthusiastic gamer and I plan to apply social aspects I have learned leading large groups of gamers for 10 years to a new method of news today and focus on those attributes that seem forgotten or ignored by big-business. We also serve you a less politically correct form of writing which allows absolute freedom of expression on what you write. Supporting basic positive and respectable moral values is our point of view as an organization at all times.

Hoping to push the boundaries of relative information and news broadcasting today. Im.From.Earth is a start up company with the intention of generating massive global awareness on topics that are often ignored by bi- media. Global social response to a wide range of important topics is approached in a new way. Providing information and social tools to each subject matter with details from multiple views and arguments is one aspect of our writing. Tools and resources are based around the topic within a subject are researched and provided freely. These topics are displayed and approached in a new progressive structure, With constant updates in social response and information or business progression data. With the dream of impacting the global population in a new way and displaying information with a progressive effect. A Discord to discuss a broad range of viral or historical topics is our main driving tool in these new methods of news, education and most importantly, global awareness. Get involved with other people in intelligent discussions on subjects from any profession or activity. Leave a quick message to the world or provide feedback to our idea.

-David Lee Moyer Jr

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