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Alixium Global Gamers Organization & ImFrom.Earth is a minimal profit organization. Offering mostly free services while providing valuable information. Please show your support by donating a small amount of about 1$. ImFrom.Earth will not be page locking our article content after a certain amount of seconds on the webpage or having reached a certain amount of articles previously read. Which most big-business has started doing in recent years, where it was adopted by so many companies it’s virtually impossible to find a real good read without paying a monthly bill for access to it. Great for the business, bad for the user. ImFrom.Earth activity resurrects an older version and mentality of the internet where web surfing content is free, not charged per website at a price higher than newspaper.

Through a variety of ways and means, like contributing 50% of profits at all times to advertise our contributor’s content or public citizen heroes and businesses who deserve recognition. ImFrom.Earth would like to provide a larger outlet of the greatest messages. We shall do our best to create ever-lasting memories by not just providing money for people as a job or career, or paying their rent with a bonus, but with valuable time and personal support through means of upholding a friendly, encouraging and respectful environment.

The companies dreams expand far into the future and get larger over time as success is earned in smaller areas first. Like mainly providing time-lasting articles our first year which are educational and attractive reads and provide a solid foundation for the website’s name and reputation. We are not really ever into what Paris Hilton did last summer. But if Dwayne Johnson makes a motivational speech, you bet we will listen. Crossing multiple generations and involving as many people as we can from every possible country, ImFrom.Earth plans to involve other forms of media entertainment as well. Such as comedy, 2D-Animation shows, sponsored films, anchor news shows at main hours of the day, providing globally accepted video content that sets standards of respect, peace, love, strength, and power+ from every nation at the same time working together peacefully, parallel and on live video. A topic not often heard about will be in a place it can be more easily obtained, read, and understood. Increasing longevity of news and articles 10000%.

ImFrom.Earth is also dreaming during our current development phase to one day provide original news alongside the bigger businesses on Earth who just passed go without collecting 200$. ImFrom.Earth will even be hosting an active video channel by utilizing free or cheap services offered to the public, also setting new global standards by recruiting students right out of high school or just some other poor man like the owner himself right off the street for 100k% less than big business anchors on wall-street. The world’s youngest anchors, where a degree is ignored and cheaper learning from services like Google or LinkedIn for 50$/month or less are promoted just as good if not better since your not wasting time on nonsense content.. I hope to one day be successful enough to be able to get around the advertising blockade built onto this section of the web known and “News”. Where 97% of my paid clicks are clearly just bots from larger news companies… Stopping the possible new Enews business before it even started. An execution quicker and cleaner than a Ninja.

ImFrom.Earth plans to continually work to fix global issues with proper solutions, like solving homelessness overnight by providing for mass populations of men and women who live on Earth with us basic living supplies. For some reason, the generations before us neglect these people, which in turn, abuses them even more. I think most of them just write off the homeless man as just lazy, there not thought, they are legitimately disabled mentally anywhere from 10%-98% of normal human functionality. It is like punching the weak homeless man while he’s already on the floor begging for food or mercy from you. In reality, these people should most likely be on disability and have no help or knowledge to obtain it themselves. Where an emergency disability act for homeless people would solve so many problems overnight. Your average ER doctor diagnoses them with some form of disfunctionality when they need to be assigned a bed and a paycheck. Not given a word or be called a weird name and told to leave. Some who cannot funtion go their entire lives homeless, living off the few people who are kind to them as they walk the same route every day and so does the supporter. Some people are only missing a few mental clues they need to remember to survive in this world. They got born with legitimate mental issues which disqualify them from life itself on life’s terms… But he doesn’t just go away… most are abandoned by their original supporter who couldn’t handle helping in the end and they are forced to walk homeless in circles, half mentally blind. Some are forced into horrible positions that are not their fault at all, nor do they have control over anything or a way to change it. Like young women in North Korea. Thousands of humans fail to learn the skills needed to survive the street homeless before they ended up there. The local woodline becomes their bed and bathroom, and often they get found dead for one common reason or another by random people in strange places. Most likely dazed and confused from dehydration and disease, they walk randomly until they just fall over.

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