Terms of Use

ImFrom.Earth and you hereby agree that any opinion or emotion you endure reading this content must be expressed in a peaceful or respectful manner. While boldness and verbal screams within writing are not the same. There is a clear difference between the expression of opinion and intention of harm behind any statement. Basic slander or derogatory statements towards a person, place, thing, or anything with the pure intention of “trolling”, being rude, causing harm, discrediting, or subjectifying someone to continued disoriented response, due to having an upset opinion, will be removed from services immediately. If you are unable to differentiate between the two, such as displaying substantial limitations in the present functioning of your ability to read, write, conversate or communicate. You understand that your account & IP may be blocked or forwarded to/from services due to termination of these terms by the Owner himself.

If you are unable to comprehend, you are only granted access to read, not respond, to statements made by any writer or person commenting. Due to certain obvious circumstances and clearly known intoxicating goods, only specific comments will be removed if necessary. Those of which are threatening in nature towards someone else. Resulting in a suspicion that you will physically harm them or others by means or abilities known to someone else, a government organization, or common internet users. The “Freedom for All” Act of 2021(RIP), protects you from any infringement of these terms or legal action, in which case your individual nation or area decides your punishment and you do not agree, you have the right to get up and run while defending your life, however, their ability to monitor your network and hardware, while you remain on their lands shall remain for the protection of the people and its leaders. You must move nations if you wish to avoid conflict with the leaders of the nation you reside on.

You also acknowledge, by accessing this website, that you agree to allow multiple government and private agencies endorsed by governments, monitor your IP, ISP, and connections that build your network into existence, for the purpose of security and safety of the people’s of Earth, in accordance with your respective nations laws and basic human rights, or possibly Geneva Code. You understand access to this service is a privilege placed onto you by the Owner, David Lee Moyer Jr, for purpose of researching the opposing view(s) and contributing to discussions amongst a broad range of Earth’s topics, important to everyone, every day. This privilege may be removed at any time, for any reason, I(we) see fit. No human will ever be removed based on color, religion, wealth, or social status. You will never be removed for an opinion of a written statement, nor for providing your own, in which you understand you are seeking debate, not conflict.

Presenting false facts will result in the removal of that statement if noticed by administrators, when questioned to provide proof, you must provide some legitimate means of proof for your statements. Your statement will be documented and noted for the record when possible. ImFrom.Earth does not endorse AI (artificial intelligence) or constant monitoring of our website, so you most likely were recorded by someone else, or recorded yourself. This is only in extreme cases where someone is intentionally confusing for purpose of personal gain or worse, identity detection, which leads to stalking, harassment, rape, murder, control, and more issues. You understand this website is being tracked by anyone willing or wanting to track and identify a user who has intentions of harming the innocent.

If by any means you violate the simple courtesy and common-sense practice, in which humanity understands pain is bad and relief is good. You may have your IP banned from ImFrom.Earth’s services. Depending on the statement and supporting evidence, You may be investigated by authorities of your nation and others, simultaneously.

You also understand that this Terms of Use document is written in such a way, that you are almost unable to read it or that it doesn’t make sense. This is to protect our assets and livelihood legally such as any other business or enterprise does. With confusing, misleading, and outdated English statements. If you do not understand the documents you must either ignore them or ask someone for a better, more detailed, completely broken down, step-by-step description of each word and its overall meaning within the sentence.

Writer, Web Developer, Researcher, Administrator & Owner of ImFrom.Earth
-David Lee Moyer Jr