The Try Guys

Today I explored a video endorsed by youtube focusing on hate towards Asians. I enjoyed this video and he hits on several key points others may not want to admit but are certainly true. His knowledge on the topic is amazing. From his views I can see what I was expecting someone with higher ascendance and real-time views of the world to have. Just released the past few days, his episodes are moving and inspiring for everyone with a heart or a mind. Please ask your family members and friends to watch these in their free time. Or turn it on for them.

The second episode expands into specifically Asian women and their endurance of hate and tolerance of certain people within our atmosphere. I agree, some things need to change in our world. Especially when America consists of so many different looking Americans. Some old ways of life and their attributes passed on to some younger men and women need to just go away. But we will do our best to educate the population. It’s our generations strength and tolerance that will prevail. Along with many other things.

I’m still working on finding more great people who care and posting them in a place where we can all see them in one place. Please consider contributing to their cause and help stop hate today.