Alixium.ORG – Empowering YOU from a Decentralized-Organization of Pro Gamers GLOBAL GAMERS. Empowering, YOU. Here. Now. Today. Tomorrow. Again. And forever.

Alixium is a decentralized organization of professional gamers across the earth that strive for greatness, valor, respect, peace, kindness, and freedom+. The organization as a whole is capable of creating amazing globally known things overnight and destroying them the next day for peaceful measures. Out with the old and in with the new on a daily basis. Sometimes the organization must slow down and get back to society’s speed in order to articulate solutions on a global scale in real-time. The team and members involved have contributed to some of the Earth’s loudest-quietest movements of silence and exact solution in mass. Where no words need to be spoken to communicate or understand sometimes.

Today Alixium.ORG moves into the public eye again and into the light of the Sun, one foot at a time. The group became less organized over the years as some people have faded back into their lives, retired early, gone back to school, raised children and generally, just lived. Members do not dictate each other and complete freedom amongst the people is always absolute. There is no exact symbol, sign, or color that represents the members ALIXIUM. They strive to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them on a daily basis. “

Over the years the name has slowly worked its way into mainstream media. Perhaps you’ve heard of the group on World of Warcraft or some other video game. However, most of the largest known names continually work not to say the name or expose the groups’ members. At some point, the and Alixium Limited names were registered by a billion-dollar oil industry company for the purpose of cell phones and anything else the name can be printed onto. Today the brand of Alixium brings a 2nd name into the light of the public, ImFrom.Earth will represent the basic meaning of our newest overall goals, personality, and strategies behind the power of the force which is gamers. Over the next 10 years, the goals and plans of the decentralized organization expand into the publics’ eyes even more by instilling leadership and moral values from multiple large influencing places and people on earth.

The name, group, and power withheld in the title and people is enough to move 250+ people in different countries in different directs, while still linking up for a brief chat here and there. Alixium has already made a global impact more valuable than all the gold on earth, or cash money you could ever want. Continually stressing deeper values than money, numbers, or controlling someone by being in charge of any of those things. The majority of people work just to survive while some get served and take advantage, others watch their children starve to death. Humility, calmness, loyalty, duty, respect, common care…the list of words to describe deep bonds between humans would probably never end if someone didn’t realize to just speak simply for others often.

Over the course of the next nine years, these decentralized gamers from all over the planet, different nations, who lived and grew up with different lives, will come together to create an influence on society that will never be forgotten. One of love, peace, strength, and unity together. No matter which nation any of us hail from. None of us need to hide, none need to flee, we simply walk by and display our peaceful solution in the public view so others can learn it and adopt the reality of what true friendship is. The first step is always a friendly hello with no ill intentions and a shared smile. The actions and meanings then spread at whichever rate existence and energy itself decide. Gamers do rise up. We have risen, and we shall continue to influence on a global scale. We set the social standard. Continue to set the standard boys, by displaying that peace between each other, even when harsh words are exchanged. Increasing our own personal intellectual ability through multiple educational and spiritual means brings safety to those around us, teaching them to communicate peacefully with each other quickly. Then exposing the individuals with ill intentions who dare attempt to turn friends on each other.

—Earthling King David Lee Moyer the II of Bethlehem, May 1, 2021 —Scarab Lord Tanks – Gamers empowering everyday people.

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