ImFrom.Earth’s Discord


Discord is an online voice and text communication application that ImFrom.Earth will be utilizing for several services. Chat and communication on a new level through a global-level environment. Great people from all over the earth work together to discuss topics and advertise great ideas. Join ImFrom.Earth today to contribute to our global influence at an early stage of the project. For the next year, minimal advertising will be contributed and the company as we start to build a base foundation of content and website utility for our members. There are many different text and voice communication lines on Discord for ImFrom.Earth fans, researchers, influencers and anyone in the general regions of the earth. (Mars is not welcome)

You are able to advertise your small business, project, or idea on our Discord server in specific channels. For a small custom negotiated fee we also offer advertisements and a displayed article in a specific locked channel for your global cause or business to display to thousands of people every month. Eventually reaching up to hundreds of thousands of people listening to your stuff, for free or a small amount.

Any contributed amount on an advertisement includes 50% contributions to the site’s overall traffic. Increasing overall potential exponentially alongside other content contributors. Basically, a 100$ donation will yield 500$+ worth of results compared to other advertising agencies due to our philosophy on hosted content and algorithm techniques learned from the #1 agencies on a more detailed level. To discuss more email:

ImFrom.Earth will contribute original content and ideas alongside your start-up project to provide multiple forms of entertainment and beneficial content.

ImFrom.Earth strives to find good news and resources and is looking for volunteers to contribute to the website’s content. For the next year ImFrom.Earth will be contributing original content about random great things that happen on earth. Yes, things. As in places, people objects, to almost anything and everything, including hot news. Your job as a researcher or writer will be to contribute valuable topics or people that have influenced the earth in a positive way. Or perhaps someone who built an empire to aspires to.

After the first year advertising will shift into overdrive. building the community at 10x the speed currently. Become apart of the project early and join our Discord today with 1 click!

Chat, Voice & Advertising services:

For more general info and questions about future payments and possibilities email: