Words from the world around us.

Remember: Those of us who learned about the future and the ways of life we plan to obtain in our life-time are here still. Together is better. We are not invisible or hiding. We are safe, respectable and nice people.. Stand with me in a virtual global march that was the dream of so many before us. Especially my best teachers.

Today’s average amount of hate across the generations is hurtful to the universe around us. People who base hateful strikes on someone’s color, religion or race is finally being exposed. It is the result of a vastly growing and freeing technology. Sheer rage from the side who loves to control people with anger or fear is ready for change. But those on that side may not be willing to change. For someone to judge off things such as the color of your skin is an educational issue as much as it is plain animal stupidity. Empowerment to those with a lesser mindset of intellect is based off self-driven desires. Amongst those who decide to act this way, most honestly need help few are willing to give. We all joke sometimes… but we always know what is not a joke. Today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year.. most of it is not a joke.

Open attacks amongst the peoples of earth over such an uncontrollable and tiny aspect of one’s life is not only despicable but beyond wrong in the eyes of anyone who knows respect for a living creature, their life, their eternal light or plain solid existence. Hell, I think the atoms and molecules in my laptop even know respect. They stay there for me…. Ever have a memory pop into your head and display something? Or get reminded of something after your forgot and can’t think of it? That’s called active light and it is very alive, like most things. When it shows you something, you learn. With your eyes flows the energy into your mind. Cleary we are not alone when something or someone else is able to provide the memories we have with active 3D light moving on its own. Flawless in nature, my best memories are intact, while nature holds the worst of them when they are needed in proper moments. Speaking within my mind for answers does work, at least it does for me. Does that happen for the rest of you? I hope so. My light has taught me so much. I hope yours does too. Try speaking with it.

Beautiful things and kindness are one type of weapon against such hate. We look to our own kind people who have greater influence and resources to empower the ones who have been attacked or will get attacked in these ways. Beyond ImFrom.Earth, I always respect others in the communities I visit. Generally as the kind person we are the weaker side of the voice needed, but known to prevail in time. The admiratious men and women of earth who have died and those who do not tolerate such actions will always start to speak up but are often heard slowly. Im.From.Earth looks to empower these people and empower their actions by speaking up with them. To few are recognized, to few are heard. Hear them today on https://ImFrom.Earth. Watch and empower them with me to continue speaking their minds and provide resources to those who are actively seeking solutions. I think people need education but next time I see some thing I’ll remember to say : ImFrom.Earth.

I’m not a professional writer, just a person. I think there aren’t enough words for the world today. So I decided to make this website and utilize the greatest tool we have. The Internet. Being a kind person I will not make videos or speeches on media as most of the time I end up with tears or enough hate back to need to last-out. This way we can all be safe, heard and learn.

Kindness is sometimes weakness but never stupidity. It takes an intelligent person to be kind to those who need it most. It takes a strong person to say no and keep saying no, and mean it when necessary. Today we must be… be strong. Be wise. Be quick. Be real. Be like this: ImFrom.Earth. We all live here. No one-person is in charge. No one-person is right. Get real. Respect your neighbor, 15 feet away or 15000. Anyone can get anywhere with the proper funds. Open your mind to other peoples views and their ways of life. For instance I adore the places where chopping off hands is a punishment for severe crimes. This way people will want to listen more to what is the right way and what is the wrong way. In America we are gentle, with a very gentle population easily controlled by simple influencing news anchor. To never research the topic on our own. Or find answers to what was correct and what was incorrect. We just believe. Horrible I know, but I’m as guilty as the next frog. Until I decided to do more an joined an organization so large and so dedicated, they’re known to be the best at what they do.

Racism is not only something that happens to certain groups. All groups experience racism, hate and disrespect from individuals who are not educated or strong enough to break down their mentality and see humanity as what it is. One race. One people. One evolved species that literally walk the same and look and function 99% the same. Besides hair and skin tone operating on someone does not differ from one human to the next. Our insides can reproduce with each other no matter the color of our skin. The fact that we are all different colors is truly amazing. Who would want to look at the same color all day? That’s like pure hell staring at you in the face. Existence knew to make unique people of all types and colors. One day we may even see green or blue people be born. Anything is possible how else are we even here alive? We simply spontaneously popped into existence one day and nothing became something over-time. It has happened before and it can and will happen again. Different species and nature, as we know it. Are born differently every day. Life loves to jump into something new and evolve. What an amazing thing.

Trillions of different types of animals, bugs and bacteria live on earth. Luckily I have the big fingers for them. For instance: why hate a squirrel for being a squirrel. Why hate a racoon for being a racoon? Why hate a bird for being a dinosaur? When clearly these creature speak in some way and communicate information amongst their kind to live and survive. I don’t see anyone yelling racial terms at them early in the morning. I hear lovely singing every day. Hating a human for being a certain color is stupidity and nothing more. These people don’t even respect them selves enough to claim albino as their personal race and most people just say “white”. White is albino. Albino is more respectable. Caucasian? I’m not asian, or a cauc… someone made that up in the 90s. At-least opinions are like assholes and everybody has one, even me. Clearly what happened some time ago is someone’s asshole farted, I mean their brain-farted.

“I hate whales” is more than a statement if you are able to follow my mind set. After growing up with so many different types of people. Islam, Mexian, Puerto Rican, African American, Black, Mixed, White, Albino, Chinese, Indian, Asian… Literally I do not see the world like the generations above me see it. Nor do the people from different schools see things the same way in our current time. We learned the world walks together in color. To not think about it and look past it, which we did.

During tenth grade I switched schools to a school which had people from richer neighborhoods. The standard of learning was higher and the people were 98% white. They expected more from students than in the school where different ethnic people were more common. Open-racism from students in the school towards the token black man was tolerated by teachers and still is today. As I have family attending there that experience it. Being white but being poor and known, I was still labeled. Some of the guys there found out there quick who not to pick on, the new kid. I mean, definitely not someone who has less objects of distraction and more experience in the world than a closed-minded, fully supported individual. They even sent their star-athlete at 6’3”, myself being 5’9”, to send a message to the new kid. Which was an excellent example of weakness amongst the bullies. Or the general opinion the group of guys had. I laughed and hoped he didn’t want a tendon injury to affect his future career.

While I’ll make it a point to keep my personal stories to a minimum and focus on todays problems. Sometimes humans just can’t help but reflect on what we knew to what we know now. For instance, while I was somewhere experience the world come together and different races get along. Other places at the same time learn the complete opposite. It hurts to see this type of hate and difference fester amongst our communities, towns, cities, suburbs or anywhere on the planet earth. From mobilizing Black Panther groups to White Supremist KKK-like groups, Everybody has their own body of people who look like them. To team up with someone of your color is clear if there is a need for it. But please standup with peaceful demonstrations and keep fighting with signs not bullets. Most of all please don’t attack the stranger you don’t know. Innocent people should not be the ones to absorb the impact of others. Find the problem person and execute a individual solution. Since racism has been a problem for most of the worlds lifetime. I don’t blame either side for taking actions. Whether harsh or peaceful. I just hope for respect and common-sense courtesy somewhere. Whether to the officer or the person committing a crime. But most of all the stranger who is not involved.

I had a nightmare. A nightmare of the world in chaos and destruction. A world were all men and women started thinking less. The started using their brains less and less everyday. They woke up like zombies from a movie just without the zombie skin. They started killing innocent people because they needed to remove their skin. They would gut them in public and hang them from the closest high-riser truck then drive down the highway. I’m not saying some peoples crimes don’t deserve anything but that. Raping a baby for instance is just drawling a blank in my mind when I heard that the other day that actually happened. The ones who hung were the ones who build freely for others with love, the innocent. Really it was only a dream. A dream one man had long ago. A dream that many have lost sight of. A dream I won’t forget. A dream where a white man and a black man can sit side by side. Today that dream is real. As real as it can be I guess. We do sit side by side. We do drink the same water fountain. We do attend the same schools, for the most part. We do love together and create new life which is so precious. Yet so alone in this world today. Being attacked too often verbally by the less fortunate summarizing them into 100% one way or the other, when they are clearly, clearly. Just like you, human. Most of the world wasn’t apart of something like I was. Having pen-pals in china and exchange students from Russia. I was one person of a few to be experiencing this. I remember everyday. The beautiful communication and respect with others from school abroad, even if not often.

I wasn’t the best student sometimes but I was a class president early on in my life. Being raised by a dedicated parent for sometime. I understand now I was picked for a reason I did not understand at the time. It was because the teacher made a suggestion to me to run. So I did. Her noticing my dedication, hard-work, and early achieved communication skills. I had ideas like I knew the entire school needed laptops. Not a vending machine as my opposing group thought. Those teachers worked on it for me and eventually got it done the next year. I ended up with a problem at home and chose to not continue when they offered the opportunity to step down. Quietly I moved into being not a class president and someone thought it was a good idea to stick me with trouble makers, as to set a good example for them. I eventually just learned from them after loosing a father figure. Although my name went on just as others do. Naturally not worrying about politics. Forgotten in the end.

Everyday I would look up at Dwayne Johnson’s photo with his champion belt posted in our school by the principle. He made it a point to show it to me one day alone in the hall way and explain who it was. He pointed to it he said “that man went here, you remind me of him a bit”. Which I didn’t understand at all at the time. Another memory I have of a teacher looking at me stating to the class “we might have a future president in class”. I of course said “no way” but her response was “you never know” with a big smile and a wink. Today I understand more why these things were said. It brings a great joy to my heart to remember the small but great actions my teachers made for students in our mixed public school. Being a positive influence on my peers was my success early on, but later things would change.

I never personally understood why that message would mean so much to me in the future. With what I went through, and the time it takes to learn what I needed to, it has only recently made sense. I didn’t know much about “The Rock” but I knew he was kicking ass and taking names on TV. So I eventually did the same, with my own style and attitude. I made it a point to learn many different ways of life quickly, although ruthless it was. Having trouble in school and loosing support from my parents early-on after such success at prior ages evolved into ways that would place horror into the hearts of some parents. Being smart and acting out on a level of not smart, as a smart kid. Was not good I’ll say. I enjoyed highs when I would find people on the street to buy me things meant for 18+. Talking to strangers was something I would do often and their would usually ask how I’m so smart. Or quick with my words. Eventually the path would lead to finding proper help within the community around me. I think most people didn’t even realize how much I was experiencing as a young child. How much I was growing really. No real help came from my house hold. Only more pain. Yes all this before age 18, no details necessary. Those in other parts of the world are in far worse situations. I don’t need or want to discuss it beyond what I have to say.

Today and the past few years I started to wonder as a young person how was this man “The Rock” so successful. After traveling the country the answer hit me like a body-slam. It is the area and the people who live here. I eventually also learned several successful good people come from the area. What really helped is adding it all up even farther and I realizing I’m right next to the largest and most famous metropolis on earth. New York. In a very rich, strict, powerful state. Where people generally work in New York City, D.C. or some famous hospital. Sitting next to very powerful influencers who travel and see the world often.

People like Dwayne leaving such an impact on society affects those around them greatly. I even remember obtaining his cousins autograph at a football game. As the rest of the crowd then joined in. Life eventually struck me and I think those reasons contributed to why I was able to get help. Most of the country is not like what we had here. Even though I heard this often from teachers, I start to learn on a personal level that It’s in a persons everyday choice to do more and make more happen. Striving to be better than the best, greatness and power is earned not obtained through a free gift. I think we may have had the best of the best on earth in our public schools. There was an amazing group of people and successful attitudes. I believe we had learned more than some after seeing the rest. Since some don’t realize grades certainly aren’t everything. Earth’s greatest values ever learned were posted right in the title of the school, Mostly every teacher knew what they were doing to inspire you. Today you wont find a house for sale very often in the neighborhood.

Graduating into a depression in 2008 was horrible… Quickly my experiences after high school turned into becoming a “combat veteran”, Having signed up looking for an answer to world problems and needing to challenge myself. Being slightly unattractive with plenty of abortions from early girl-friends, I later again would experience “father-hood” with someone else’s kids for a short time. Realizing then my natural teaching skills were impressive enough to use them more often with the people around me who are not kids. Living like a past “class president” with real-world problems directly in my face.

Always I am a kind person to those who are kind to me and today I am becoming more of an experienced person than I realized at first.. It hurts to let the world change this way. The fury people have piles up on either end. Words are our true power. So I created this website and started providing insight to my thoughts, opinion and mindset. It’s the best I can do alone. Naturally separated from friends and family due due things and opinions that are out of my hands or responsibility. For 20$ a month, its worth every penny. I’m not rich. I get by after graduating into a depression. Hopefully one day someone will read this.

Rest in Peace the teachers of our past that influenced us in the greatest ways, Always remember: The world is better together.

The people who bully and hate often as a source of control or “naturality” are the people who need to be corrected within our existence. (Not the random person you picked walking down the street) These people are empowered by their parents at an early age to do what they will or by other peers who laugh with them. Rather than being taken down by some insult back or any type of fight against them from those who are victims. They eventually set the standard. Let’s be real, they create one. One that is not always reality but only in the minds of those who entertain their actions. No one needs the eraser-throwing, name-calling, ass slapping person to do these things. But they still do these things. Because everyone laughed as kids at what was done 90% of the time. Sometimes even the victims would laugh at them selves.

There are those who cross lines often that some of us know not to cross. Those who understand we have grown-up, and those who don’t. Like using openly vulgar voices and tones. Using sheer anger marked by red skin as a means to control their surroundings. Consistently picking on the same person until they break… or worse. Someone else breaks for them. Not knowing which end of the sandwich they bit. And yes, the people who shoot up a place are really going for a loud voice after years of frustration in the end. It happens this way. I know its not the weapon that decided to shoot. It’s the person who goes unheard for to long that decides to do this. We all know these Chinese massage spa’s are exactly what some people think their not. To be ignorant after such an attack is the same as to be blind to racism.

I have protected people in my life from those who are less educated a few times before. They are taught by their parents to hate over these tiny things like skin color, money, or looks. The victims most of the time can not stand up for them-selves or are not heard or supported by someone who can actually help. After I stood up for myself at an early age and knowing what I was taught in school. Things got better, not perfect, but better. Standing up for myself was the first step in life to learning what actually is attractive or disacttractive in nature to most humans who have not or do not study themselves and others around them. Our neighboring humans… We all learn at different speeds and some people know easily how to attract 18 girls before high-school is done. others don’t loose their virginity before leaving high-school and don’t understand a thing about how people do this or the type of communication that gets us involved in so many deeper connections. The worse, and truly horrible lives are raped at 13 or younger while they cross the border looking for food. Only to find and learn what freedom is.., A responsibility. It is not a right in our world, not yet. Only about 40% of the world endorses freedom as an official right. The rest is restricted and censored. With punishments far to great for the crime. Which is something many seem to forget.

The Voice: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQu57KgT7gOoLCAu3FFQsA

Some were told last week to sit on the back of the bus. When I’m telling you at this point, fuck the seat just stand where ever you want. We need to replace this entire bus after that. You may say, What? Exactly. What was said by that person doesn’ t make sense to me. Failing to continually respect each other is something only the most experienced social-humans have been able to experience right? Again, non-sense. Well.. I never really understood why we needed to remind each other so much about discrimination when I don’t discriminize in the first place. But others would agree, holding their tongue is hard for them and respect must be practiced for those who are out-spoken about their opinion of your skin. HuH? I never hear these statements. People do not want to learn naturally it seems. While I enjoy it. Not that I haven’t experienced racism about my white skin. I simply move past it quickly. I have endured things far worse than words in my life. Thinking that’s not real? I wouldn’t state it if it wasn’t a completely sensible and true sentence. I made sure to go to some of the blackest areas on earth and feel it live, no I simply ended up on the wrong road. Not those things either. I simply don’t understand something I haven’t experienced or practiced. And It is because I haven’t practiced it openly on others that I don’t understand why racism is a tool used in our world. It is only a control method. Let’s do our best together as a human family to simply teach those people who want to silence the unknown person.

After looking into history more, diving into opinions of my family, searching other families for opinions. I eventually can see why discrimination is a problem and why people experience it. Our parents and elders are the worst at continually practicing not being racist. They sometimes attempt for us to follow their lead even if it’s racism. Some learning from a young age to attack based on color. Sometimes we fail in our own hearts. Sometimes we remember more realistic ways and treat others the way we want to be treated. No matter what our parents certainly do attempt to remember the love we once knew shared as humanity. Even if only briefly or in certain places. Not all parents and people are racist but from what I can see if those certain racist families would stop influencing racism to their children the world would become a better place rather quickly.

The few who follow would the ways we see on TV are not raised by someone with a kind heart. Its not all about attacking someone based off race or color either. Some pick weaker looking types. Some discriminate and attack based on money. Some discriminate off location. Sex. Choice. The list is long. In the end there is only one being that decides our fate. Us. I personally make a decision daily to not base off these simple minded aspects but rather a persons intelligence, and how they upkeep their mentality or lifestyle. You don’t have to know calculus to study someone’s country, their looks, their music, their style, their lives or what they love. It’s online for free. See we are all humans… doing things that provide a positive human nature around us is what we naturally do. Even selling drugs together as a family is still creating a strong bond between those who experience it. Perhaps killing as a family or group creates even the strongest bond.

In a few years when the president can be changed I hope someone from our younger generation would be able to step up and help change the world as we know it. I wish there were presidents aloud younger than 35. Or someone young who has the resources to run next election. A humans mind is much quicker, smarter, reliable and more in-the-times while young. Even if slightly immature, or at-least thought to be immature. Whether it is a man, women, black, white, brown, sexually-centered, cow-skinned, disabled, diseased, drug-addict, or not. The mindset and opinion the younger generation has today is nothing like those above us. Those who attempt to set the standard for what a society should be, our elders, take months to send out a simple piece of paper or even direct deposits.

Thankfully the fact is a lot of younger people have gone around their parents ideas or ways of life. Creating or enjoying things that go directly against their elders wishes. Inventing a new stock market is perhaps the largest example, bitcoin. Which has already been built and grew above stocks after 15 years, Also its a system allowing open-world trade even though sanctions are set for some, not metered by any government. A great step towards world peace. Or even just someone like myself, writing this on a website displayed to the world, where my mother might still have a heart attack when she learns people read online these days and they are like you know… those real people like you and me.

The new generation’s global free market: https://bitcoin.org/en/

Today our generation is extremely important. Our generation has fully matured. Our generation is here to live peacefully. While quiet and struggling to succeed we may be. We are still here. Those of us who grew up with different people of color and race next to us love them every day. We have grown into adults and our voices will be heard. Louder and louder every year. We are finally well beyond a point of not being heard for reasoning of being to young or some other lame excuse like not experienced enough. Some try to influence for fame or money on a daily basis. I only hope to steer your mind and hearts into a better direction of thought and hope you understand my mentality, or at least appreciate the view.

If your reading this and your like me, someone who is generally kind-hearted and doesn’t start problems but finishes them…. Great. The person we have to reach is the one who isn’t reading this. Your parent, your educator, your doctor, your advertiser. Anyone who is around to many people of one color or race. Many many americans live in a “closed-world”. Only paying attention to the things they like or love. Ignoring the rest of the world. Even though it’s right in front of them, it becomes a different story from their side. After smacked in the face with it they suddenly care. Well racism is right in front of us all today in the most obvious ways. Death.

Sometimes other people who live in different places forget this, the war against extremists Muslims who believe in multiple wives listening to their every demand till death, including suiciding them selves to meet god. Was not over, it was lost. Which is a whole different story and world those closed minded individuals forget about. Womens rights and freedoms are still affected across the globe in non alliance nations. Innocent children are still used as missiles. While most of the luxurious people of different colors are portraying a non-racist, non-war environment on earth. It gets confusing to the masses. I know we all live together on the same planet and no one person is out of reach of any-other. There are still parts that I know you will not agree with but would get this post taken down and researched. Hate should be based off poor performances or rude behaviors. If any hate belongs anywhere. Reality states it should be removed, but lets be realistic and get to that another time. Someone might even hate this post. Well stop reading.

Free women: https://www.globalfundforwomen.org/womens-human-rights/#:~:text=Women’s%20rights%20are%20the%20fundamental,a%20fair%20and%20equal%20wage.

Such as with economies and businesses. Our workforce in america has rules against these types of things and most of the time it is ok and people stay happy. But in this time of pandemic and instability we rely on the government to keep us stable and alive. While the rest of us try to become ok with everything. We should remember these higher standards more often and practice them in our daily lives. Anywhere across the globe.

DoJ employment litigation: https://www.justice.gov/crt/overview-employment-litigation
Military Vets: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/vets/programs/userra

With robotics hitting the point where they will start to take over jobs and careers in america soon,. there needs to be a point in-which we realize. Only those of us who have regular communication with others are able to afford or enjoy these amenities. Like the robotic vacuum and soon to be available robotic working humans. Not many of us will have to work anymore in 10 years. Not many of us are able to afford living now. Having personally graduated into a depression in 2008 I’ve come to rely on government and family resources or abilities. Abilities.. that’s exactly what we need. A government-family with the ability to influence the world. A government who takes care of their people quickly and precisely. A government of more live-action. Not delayed-discussions. We need a person with the right words and respects to explain what they can see coming from the younger generation. Everyone who rests on that tiny little rock 3 steps away from our nearest star, jamming and dancing as we fly through the universe, will eventually move past these ways of hate or the need to work a senseless job. You don’t need a job, you just need food, a house and an education provided by all of us who just love working together freely. Not for pennies.

Today’s Robotics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lRR9m-StH8

The next path down this road after stimulus payments of such proportion in our lifetime is to make them a reality for those of us who are not able to find work after the coronavirus. A monthly stimulus payment to every American and eventually every Earthling is the only way out. Whether 5 years away or 20. I know the robotics are ready now and next year to replace our lives. Adopting the strategy behind communist nations to rely on monthly paychecks for the majority of the population in which a set amount is able to cover basic bills clearly needs to happen. Sooner rather than later. After your check your on your own to earn above that amount. We will all learn to start with small sales, transactions and trade then move up once your business or idea is attractive. Even if little Sammy down the road just sells lemonade and turns it into a beautiful ladybug stand where she’s half naked for your coffee every morning, as a young single man of course. Thanks ladies. You made my day.

Lady Bug: https://ladybugbikiniespresso.com/