In the wake of 2020, the world began to witness a global pandemic – Coronavirus, a communicable disease that spread like wildfire. It spared no nation, and gave no immunity to whoever contracted it. We have now come to the realization, as humans, that more than ever before, we need a united effort to fight any common enemy. 


For most of the centuries, the world has been largely divided along racial and ideological lines, and we have continued to wage war against ourselves. We have destroyed so many resources that should have been beneficial to us (plants, animals, environment, etc.) through the ‘instrument’ of violence. The world today is riddled with regional and international insecurity. Terrorism has become the order of the day, and accounting for several millions of death polls in different parts of the world. Regional wars and international conflicts continue to encourage the development of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Racial discrimination and violence have continuously divided us along ethnic lines and thus affected our peaceful coexistence. Similarly, religious violence and gender-based violence such as rape, has made the world unsafe for many to live in.

Financial and economic crises have increased the rate of poverty among developing nations while our common enemy; Ebola, Coronavirus, and other communicable diseases continue to kill millions of people across the world in a subtle manner. 

In different parts of the world, we witness demonstrations of people, calling for good governance, security, and justice for minority groups. The “BlackLivesMatter” movement which started in the U.S.A, and expanded to other parts of Europe and Africa lends credence to this. There have been other similar protests in other parts of the world; Asia, Europe, Africa, with people calling for good governance, accountability, respect for human rights, and dignity.


With this reality, we are faced with the question, “can we ever achieve world peace and unity?” The answer is, Yes, we can! I believe there is a lot we can achieve if the oneness of the human race is promoted, and this requires individual and collective effort of every human, groups (political and religious), and nations. We must take steps through a united effort to address the issues confronting humanity. Speaking at a UNICEF reception in New York on the 22nd January, 2018, Rev. Dr. Olav Tveit, the general secretary of the World Council of Churches stated and I quote:

“We need a new Reformation of today that calls for equal respect and dignity and rights for every human being… It is needed among people in all churches, in all religions, in all societies and contexts, in all countries of the world. We need a change of our priorities towards care for human dignity, human solidarity, and human rights and human unity.”

No human or nation is totally independent of another. Therefore, individuals and nations must learn to recognize our shared human values for the world to experience transformation. Nations must cooperate with one another to address the financial and economic crises, through support, especially for developing nations largely affected by hunger and poverty. There must be a common effort to promote research and development of new technologies and renewable energy to address climate issues. Similarly, there must be increased agricultural development, and food support to eradicate hunger and poverty in every country.


Nations should also provide support for one another to defeat security challenges, through the exchange of security apparatus and information.

The rich cultural heritage of every nation can be utilized to ensure global transformation. We must, therefore, encourage free exchange and learning of cultures through tourism, migration, commerce, and education. There must be promotion and respect for human dignity, protection of every color, ethnicity, and nationality. Government at all levels should be committed to upholding international relationships, uphold human rights laws, and promote one humanity in all genuineness. 

No nation can be safe from disease nor attain absolute health status in isolation without the cooperation and support of other nations. As such, there is a need for common progress towards attaining the highest level of health. Every nation must come together to provide therapeutic, economic, and financial solutions to end this global pandemic as well as other deadly diseases.

Nations of the world must speak together with one voice, under the umbrella of the United Nations and other international bodies; jettison the divisions along political ideologies (socialism, communism, capitalism, and all other –isms) and racial discrimination; tackle the issue of insecurity, terrorism, wars and violence; fix financial and economic crisis respectively; desist from bad governance and tolerate all religious beliefs in order to promote and uphold world peace, love and unity in all human spheres.